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Degrees Lewdity
  • Developer: Angel Studios, Inc.
  • Genre: Entertainment App
User Rating: Degrees Lewdity Rating 4.9

Degrees Lewdity Game For PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

Degrees Lewdity Game for PC: The belief in Jesus Christ as The Son of God and Messiah is the core premise of Christianity (Christ). Christians believe that Jesus, as the Messiah, was anointed by God as humanity's saviour and that his arrival fulfilled Old Testament messianic prophesies.


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Degrees of Lewdity for PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

Degrees of Lewdity for PC: We've seen a lot of bizarre pornographic games, but I'm still not sure how I feel about Degrees Of Lewdness after spending a few more hours with it. This is one of those games that is difficult to discuss. On the one hand, it deals with some quite graphic sexual topics, so if you're easily offended, you should avoid it straight immediately. Even if you can cope with it, it's still a hard game to wrap your brain around.

Therefore, today let's get a complete glimpse of the functioning and working of the wonderful game known as the Degrees of Lewdity wiki and we shall be able to understand more about this game in depth including various other features and perks that it has to offer as well.

About Degrees of Lewdity Download

The fact that Degrees Of Lewdness is a text-based game is one of the game's most intriguing features. Every action you take in this game is controlled by a text system. This applies to fighting, progression, new equipment, and, of course, sex. This is a game in which you play as a youthful 18-year-old who has decided to go it alone. What is it like to go to school, find a job, and be a victim of the town's sexual desires?

This game is indeed a fanatic in its own unique several ways that we cannot imagine. If you are looking for a game that has it all, then this is the one for you. Otherwise just leave it and move ahead with other games.

The World Expansion mod allows players to extend the vanilla world by adding new backstory, new skills, new people, new love interests, and new bawdy scenes to enjoy. This zealous World Expansion mod, however, is simply the top of the iceberg.

But that's not all; fans may now get their hands on a copy of Degrees of Bizarre Lewdness. A tweak that amps up the craziness and adds Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to the mix, resulting in a completely new beast. If bladder-related kinks are more your thing, there's a watersports patch that lets you add a bladder control component to the game. After a large drink of water, you can get up to all sorts of mischief.

Functionality of Degrees of Lewdity

That's the type of thing that's going on here. There are a lot of personalities in the Degrees of Lewdity mods for PC game, and if you fail, you'll be satisfying someone else's sexual wants.

There Are Three Ways To Go

One of the things that draw people's attention to Degrees Of Lewdness is the fact that when it comes to real sex, there are a variety of options. One choice is consensual, another is nonconsensual, and finally, there is an option where you do not want to be a part of it and may ask for assistance and have it stopped.

This is rather intriguing, and the game, although being a text-based game, has a lot to think about. For instance, the more obscenely you dress, the more attention you will attract. It is risky to go to particular locations late at night, and so on.

Action in Pixels

While the game is primarily text-based, there is some pixelated hentai action to be found. This is a lot more visual than I anticipated! To be honest, the game and the sexual descriptions it provides are somewhat detailed, so I'm not sure why I was taken aback. However, this makes the sport extremely unsafe to play while at work or simply in the same room as others.

I can understand why so many people enjoy Degrees Of Lewdness. This is possibly a step too far for me, as I am not fond of the graphic nature of the non-consensual sex in the game. However, after you get beyond this, you'll be astonished at how much there is to accomplish in this game. According to my knowledge, the game is updated rather often.

It's all about the mods in this game.

Let's start with a quick rundown of the vanilla experience. You go about your daily routine in this game, going to school, working a part-time job, and doing things in your leisure time. You have the ability to do bad things, do good things, sell your body on the street corner, and everything in between.

The aesthetic design is straightforward, enabling the player to explore a large and broad universe, meet a diverse cast of individuals, and dig into a plethora of material. In general, the vanilla version is excellent. The modding community, though, is the true draw of DOL. We'll be concentrating on some of the best solutions available.

Features of Degrees of Lewdity Game

While visiting various locations, you may come across some unique and unusual goods. I strongly advise you to visit as many locations as possible in this game in order to obtain special items or gold money.

The Player is simple to control.

Degrees of Lewdity's creators made sure that players could simply operate the game character, which is why the controls are so simple.

After a little exploration, you will quickly become accustomed to the controls, and after you have mastered them, you may begin the game's quests.

System requirements are minimal.

If you have a low-spec device and are concerned about whether or not you will be able to play the game on it, let me dispel your fears.

The Game's Story

The story game is one of the reasons why the game is so famous among so many people from all around the world.

When you initially install the game on your smartphone, you'll notice that the visuals aren't great, but as you start playing and completing missions, you'll fall in love with it.

The game's plot is distinct from those found in other role-playing games.

Various Locations to Visit

The game's creators have designed a plethora of distinct locations where you may visit and explore a variety of different things.

You may simply play this game if you have a low-spec PC, Android, or iPhone device.

The creator ensures that users with modest and high-end devices may play this game without experiencing latency or poor frame rates.

However, to guarantee that you do not run into any problems when playing the game in the future, I have included a chart of minimal requirements that you may review before starting the game.

Other Features include

  • Beautifully designed 2D worlds with a very immersive graphic style based on the characteristics of varying temperatures are on display.
  • Explore the possibilities of Ember and Rime, the twin characters, and explore a complicated tale written by famed video game writer Chris Avellone.
  • To naturally modify conditions and surroundings, navigate different worlds, and solve complicated problems.

Game Review of Degrees of Lewdity for PC

Degrees of Lewdity modded: When you play an eroge game, you always assume that the experiences you will have are already predetermined. Every player will see the identical sex scenes, have the same talks, make the same decisions, and arrive to the same conclusion. Some games in the genre, on the other hand, like to leave their titles open-ended, allowing for more emergent gameplay with unexpected twists and turns. Degrees of Lewdness is the pinnacle of this experience, providing a sandbox of entertainment for everyone.

This game is similar to other Eroge sandbox games as well as several more conventional life simulators in terms of gameplay. Persona, The Sims, Swimsanity, RPG Ambition Record, Wartide, The Legend of Queen Opala, and Succubus Prison are just a few examples. This game is a pixelated breath of new air in the genre, but how does it stack up against the best? In our review of Degrees of Lewdness, we discover out.

Latest Update and Information on the

Version of Degrees of Lewdity wiki

Sirris' adult shop and sex toys have been added in this release. Crossdressing events for Robin, Whitney events across town, new Alex sequences, and ironman mode are all included.

Sex toys may be used by both the PC and NPCs, albeit the PC is limited to consensual interactions and masturbation for the time being. These should provide encounter greater variation and provide a solid foundation for future growth. Strap-ons have also been upgraded, and they may now be given to loved ones who don't have one.

At the start of the game, the adult shop is run-down. Sirris works tirelessly to get everything up and running, but without assistance, it will take months. You may help them on Friday afternoons to make things go faster. Once it's open, you may buy sex items and work there. The business also increases the popularity of sex items among NPCs.

Giving Robin a crossdressing suit for Halloween or Christmas will now set off a chain of events, with Robin crossdressing in more places as they become more at ease. Meanwhile, Whitney and her gang now wander the town's streets, posing a danger even when school is not in session.

Ironman mode is also included in the update, which I think will make experienced players' playthroughs more intriguing. It's a choice I've been considering for quite some time. Please keep in mind that the game is currently in alpha, and there's a big possibility you'll come across a bug that may negatively affect you, so be cautious! Furthermore, it relies on your browser's cache, thus using incognito mode or clearing your cache would wipe off your ironman data.

Thank you for all of the contributions in Degrees of Lewdity mods, especially Bathory666, who created the sex toy system and most of the surrounding content. It's no easy task!

System Requirements for Degrees of Lewdity Game

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit OS
  • Intel Core i5-2400 At 3.1 GHz, AMD FX-6300 @ 3.5 GHz, or similar processor
  • RAM (memory): 8 GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or analog graphics with 2GB VRAM
  • Storage: 10 GB available space for DirectX 11
  • DirectX®-compatible sound card

FAQs of Degrees of Lewdity Download

Is it possible to play Degrees of Lewdness without having access to the internet?
You don't need internet connectivity to play the degrees of lewdness game on any device; only make sure your device is linked to the internet while utilizing a unique function.

What is the purpose of the free Degrees of Lewdity for PC game?
Is a puzzle game in which you are assigned a task and must locate the necessary objects to fulfill it.

What controls are in place?

The following are the controls:
To move, use the arrow keys.
To interact, press the space bar.

What is the game's objective?
Soft's goal is to finish all jobs as rapidly as feasible.

The Final Words on Degrees of Lewdity Game

Overall, we can see why some players would find the game's simplistic graphic design to be a touch unsophisticated. So go ahead and unleash that inner beast with this vivid and different sort of adult game that we have never seen before. It is indeed something with endless features and perks and also a game that you should be careful enough playing with. So go on along and ahead with it.

The vanilla edition of this game, on the other hand, has a lot to offer, and the sheer amount of adaptability that the modding community provides is reason enough to give it a shot. If you don't like the game as it is, there's a good chance you can tweak it to suit your preferences. So be sure you give Degrees of Lewdness a go.


Pros and Cons of Degrees of Lewdity for PC

These are the pros and cons of of the Degrees of Lewdity modded that will help you decide if this game is ideal enough for you or not:


  • There are several characters to interact with in the game.
  • The pixelated old visuals have a certain beauty to them.
  • There is a lot of character development.
  • It is simple to enter.
  • The game is more complex than you may imagine.


  • Some of the sex is rather explicit.
  • The non-consensual part of the game does not appeal to me.